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Headache's Anyone ? (Ammonia, Glutathione, Lysine, Arginine, and High Protein and High Fat Diets!)

Updated: Jan 19

For those folks who have long battled a chronic illness, or general feeling of being unwell, headaches and cognitive issues seem par for the course. Sometimes its easy to chalk these up to the usual suspects, who rightfully so can be contributing factors. Things like: mycotoxins (e.g. Ochratoxin A, etc), heavy metal toxicity (e.g. mercury, lead), high levels of dopamine, neuro inflammation, excessive aldehydes from candida, alcohol, excessive glutamate, excessive nitric oxide, oxidative stress from hydroxyl radicals or super oxide, or exposure to toxins like volatile organic compounds. However, observationally, i am seeing some patterns develop genetically that match the symptomology that are unrelated to the above issues and coincide with significant headaches.

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