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Foggy Waters

All About Me

I am Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Genomics coach, and specialize in combing detailed genetic analysis, advanced functional labs, and a detailed intake survey to begin to understand what may be the root cause of issues.  My own personal story involves recovery from : 2 traumatic brain injuries, mold toxicity, VOC toxicity, SIBO, candida, oxalates, heavy metals toxicity, food allergies and sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, various bacterial and viral infections, cranial cervical instability leading to vagus nerve impingement; and long haul covid.  I know intimately the issues associated with hidden misunderstood health challenges - the physical, mental, and emotional aspects.  My own healing process and path informed the gifts i bring to help others.  I hold graduate degrees from The University of Michigan, and Purdue University.

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