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Finally A Comprehensive Panel For Oxidative Stress - An Absolute Have To Have For CFS, Long Haul, Fibromyalgia, MCS, Mold, And Un-Explained Illness

This blog article is not medical or healthcare advice. Before starting any health related regimen, seek the advice of your Primary Care Physician, or an M.D.

In the world of chronic illness, there are lots and lots of different tests to consider, and without a doubt much progress has been made related to immune markers, cytokine markers, etc. And yet this has not really led to significant breakthroughs. In fact, as just one example, Bruce Patterson's work in Long Haul and his Long Haulers panel - yield's the exact same proposed solution no matter the test results - statins. Yet his test panels are all focused on immune markers and downstream markers of micro clotting / platelet activation. Huh. The micro clots and platelet activation are downstream effects of the causal factors which are primarily the chain events from elevated TNFA, NFKB, etc. How is this ?

Well, virtually all of these folks remain on these statins on an ongoing basis. It is simply, symptom relief. Which is helpful. It brings them back to a live able level of functioning by enabling oxygen delivery to their tissues and organs.

As one begins to get a more full picture of how the immune system and its upregulated response initially to some bacterial or viral infection is interconnected to other systems - one sees a very complex inter related set of mechanisms come alive elevating oxidative stress, cytokines, platelet activation, Nitric Oxide elevation, depletion of NAD from these elevations, activation of NMDA receptors (and POTS), etc. Of course much of these elevations in NFKB, TNFA, etc yield a breakdown in GI function as well, which is a downstream consequence, not a causal factor. What is less understood is the complexity of the cycle - how its all inter related. And based on genetic pre-dispositions - drives which part(s) of these interconnected systems need extra focus. And until one can see across the systems in all of the genetic pathways, understanding is limited from my view. From a testing perspective, i have believed the missing link has been an assessment of the principal oxidative stress elements in play - which keep this cycle on going. Until now.

There is a new oxidative stress panel out by Vibrant, that provides 16 bio markers, that help understand which of the principal oxidative stress radicals are driving this cycle of chronic illness :

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

  2. Super Oxide

  3. Peroxynitrite

  4. Carbonate Radicals

  5. Hydroxyl Radicals

This panel also has some unique markers for genetic mutations that are not typically available. It is now available as part of Vibrant's bundled sale that has been extended through the end of June, which allows one to purchase 3 tests for $700 or 5 for $1,000 for any urine, saliva, stool, or dry blood spot test. It can also be purchased as part of a bundle that includes their toxin panel bundle of : Mycotoxins, Environmental Toxins, and Heavy Metals, urine based for $599. Another fantastic value.

Until oxidative stress is lowered, there will be impaired ATP production, impaired mitochondrial function, over active NMDA receptors yielding POTS symptoms, pain syndromes, fatigue / PEM, over active immune pathways (Mast Cells) yielding depleted NAD levels (fatigue) and a hyper reactive immune response, impaired GI barrier function, and micro clotting and platelet activation. Yep. You can see how our traditional training for folks yields only a partial view across these systems - as their training is by definition - traditionally focused on only a particular aspect within this dysfunctional system.

Based on some very interesting research, their is a very specific order to the madness of lowering some of the specific radicals is important. As one example, if you try and lower super oxide via supporting Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) will actually shut down SOD before addressing a different free radical - there will be a worsening of symptoms (potentially a crash) and an increase in other oxidative stress radicals. In can be tricky, and now with the availability of comprehensive genetics coupled with a comprehensive evaluation of various markers to illuminate which free radicals are in play - we have a map of how to proceed. If you have experienced efforts to lower oxidative stress, and have found yourself going backwards, not forwards, its very very possible the order of the interventions was mis applied simply because a lack of understanding what the principle oxidative stress element was, and this new missing link in terms of the order to the intervention needed.

As one simple example, although the thalamus, is often implicated in ME CFS, what is not often considered is the effect of excess oxidative stress on the thalamus' and how it creates dysfunction. Or how exercise raises intra cellular calcium, combined with an inability to produce cortisol, dramatically increases whole body nitric oxide, which yields excessive levels of certain free radicals (now we know which ones!) which bring the cycle back alive leading to PEM. On another note, one free radical in particular uses Heme to be broken down - and the Heme pathway is fundamental for so many basic processes in the body.

If you were ever wondering what may be behind some un explained chronic on going issue - combing this panel with Vibrant's Gut Zoomer, Organic Acids, MycoToxins, Neurotransmitters/Hormones, or their Neural Zoomer with their oxidative stress panel is a fantastic value. Many of the prior mentioned tests are normally priced at $400-$500 each. They can now be bundled 3 for $700, or 5 for $1,000, and can be shipped internationally, which is a huge plus for many folks.

From a longevity, energy and cognitive impairment perspective perhaps nothing is more important than keeping oxidative stress at bay, and now we have tools to very effectively evaluate and monitor levels of different oxidative stress metabolites.

Whether you have worked with me or not before, I have created a 15 minute appointment option - to allow low cost, efficient ordering for panels like these if you already have a clear idea of what you want to order.

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