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Glycine - GCAT / SHMT (Head Injuries, Glutathione, VOC Detoxification)

Updated: Jan 20

Although little known, GCAT is the gene that processes the Essential Amino Acid L-Threonine into Glycine using the cofactor B6 (P5P form). Interestingly, the SHMT gene (SHMT1 in eukaryotes cystolic, while SHMT2 being in the mitochondria) uses L-Serine and converts it into Glycine using B6 as well. Glycine can be found in connective tissue (e.g. ligaments of chicken and beef, Collagen Protein Powder, Bone Broth). Why do some people really benefit from some of these foods ? Hmmmm. For folks with significant histamine issues - they have long ago learned to stay away from Bone Broth.

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