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16 Week Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Reduction ProgramAdvanced

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This 16 week regimen is designed as an alternative before considering statins to lower cholesterol and other pharmaceuticals to lower blood glucose levels.  Included in this 16 week program will be dietary guidance, supplements that include vitamins, amino acids, herbs, and other compounds.  There will be 5 zoom sessions included in this program (week 1 - 45 mins, week 4 30 m ins, week 8 30 mins, week 12 30 mins, and week 16 45 mins.  Requirements will be a blood lipid panel $100 before the program (or week1), genetic testing ($119-$315), a hair mineral test ($125) and a blood lipid panel at week 16 to measure changes in cholesterol and blood glucose, which is approximately $100.  Cholesterol can also be checked more frequently along the way at week 5, 9, 12 if desired for an additional $100 each time. Additional labs that may be ordered for additional fees, but are optional, and include: stool, micronutrient, iron, ferritin, complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel, and organic acids panels.  You will be given a program outline, dietary suggestions, a summary of important genetic considerations related to blood glucose and cholesterol, and a simple supplement regimen.  Every 4 weeks there will be additions and modifications to implement along the way.  I have designed this program after identifying multiple ways to improve cholesterol with folks who were primarily interested in other things began to see significant improvements in cholesterol and blood glucose levels.  Program participants can use their own labs, and primary care physician to monitor and draw labs for cholesterol/lipids as an alternative.  Course fee is $599 (not including lab fees); labs are additional.  During the initial session we will set dates and times for follow up zoom sessions.

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