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Why I Like the 23andme genetic test kit.....

This article is not intended to be medical or healthcare advice. Before starting any health or medical related regimen you should seek the advice of your Primary Care Physician, or an M.D.

I like 2 different genetic test kits to be able to assess some of major potential genetic pathways when i peer into folks. One is 23andme. There is a super important gene (iNOS / NOS2) where one location upregulates it over 450%. Yep. And only 23andme covers it.

It just so happens that NOS Uncoupling proceeds 86% of cardiac events. And NOS uncoupling often happens when NOS2 is upregulated and or NOS3 is downregulated; or when BH4 gets depleted - from lack of cofactors, recycling, or excess oxidative stress. NOS Uncoupling results in massive levels of Super Oxide (oxidative stress). This says nothing about that BH4 is needed to contain ferroptosis. Um, if you google ferroptosis and long haul, you wont be able to read all the articles. And says nothing about the fact that NOS2 consumes NAD, uh, oh. A gene that is upregulated 450% consumes NAD, i get tired just thinking about this. What provokes NOS 2 to get engaged ? Bacterial and viral invaders, mainly in the GI tract. Sounds suspicious eh ? Guess what runs in families with NOS 2 upregulations ? What is below, and diverticulitis. Hmm.

If you do a google search, you wont be able to read all the articles under "NOS2 and Colorectal Cancer". Do i find it coincidental that herbs that downregulate NOS2 also inhibit and show improvement in colorectal cancer outcomes ? Hmm.

You can usually get it on sale for $59-$79 (their ancestry service is all that is required). It retails for $119.

Years ago in some of the older Ancestry kits, the data for this gene and location was provided, but not in a long long time.

The other test kit i like is called , Your Genomic Resource, practitioner ordered only. Its price just went up, to $315. About 4 years ago it was $179, then $229, now $315 - it covers about 990 genes across 75,000 locations. When i combine it with 23andme, both can cover ~1,030 genes across 80,000+ locations.

Be well.

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