What To Expect When You Become a Client

Early on i was satisfied with doing in person and zoom appointments only. Then somebody approached me to aide them in detoxing from mold, but was only interested in email support. Initially i resisted - but this person was being honest and clear - they became emotionally and cognitively over whelmed in person and over zoom - and this was the only mode that worked for them. Emails allowed them to digest at their own pace, and ask clarifying questions on their terms, and always know they could go back to the emails for clarification and re-read for understanding. Thus, my email model was born. As time went on, i realized the value and efficiency for both parties to be able to ask simple clarifying questions, give me simple feedback on their progress, and get in touch when something urgent arose.

I encourage clients to purchase an option i call a wellness plan (basically an order for how we will work together - the what, when, why, how much). I also now encourage clients to use a mix of in person (or zoom for remote clients), and email to most effectively (time, money, and engagement) work with me and navigate the wellness plan and make adjustments as we go. It allows us to stay more engaged and in tune, uses their money/time more efficiently, and gives them peace of mind they can get answers on short notice. Email response is usually < 4 hours, but guaranteed in < 48 hours; and is billed in 10 minute increments at a lower rate than in person and zoom appointments.

As time went on, there was another need - for just reports. Some people feel empowered and knowledgeable to the point where they just want a synopsis of their genetic testing information, or a combination of genetics and functional labs where i develop Wellness Plans. Often the purchase of reports leads to more engagement in terms of appointments and support, but not always. I have developed several (4-5) different report packages from $99 to $439; they range from 25 pages to the largest package (1,500+ pages). I have learned we are all different, in where we are in our understanding of genetics, and our desire (or lack there of) to dive deep into the details.

Clients often ask things like, "how long until i am better?", " how many sessions do i need ?", etc. Of course these are impossible questions to answer until the root cause of the issue is clarified. My firm answer is that if you don't feel you are getting answers AND improvement in 3-4 sessions, you should fire me. Sometimes the discovery phase is longer for more complicated cases, but usually there is a starting point that allows initial stabilization and improvement. Sometimes, its more of , "stopping taking these 4 things and see what you notice", more is not always better! Likewise, some people believe that a bigger bait always catches bigger fish, but that is not the case. Sometimes slow, and more gently allows the system to respond in a more supportive (and less reactive way). Many supplements are also bi-phasic ; meaning they do one thing at low dose, and another at higher doses.


I have access to a very specific line of supplements that are designed to support specific genetic mutations and bio chemical pathways. These are available for clients to purchase, but not available to the general public. I also have access to a compounding company that custom blends a supplement (capsule or powder form) from amino acids, vitamins, minerals, hundreds of botanicals, hundreds of neutraceuticals, macros, probiotics, and flavorings. Often clients want to talk about this right away, as they are sick and tired of managing 20 different supplements.

On the flip side, if clients want to do their own thing on supplement selection that is an option i support as well. I often use Amazon, PureFormulas, DigestiveWarrior, PureBulk, BulkSupplements as my go to shopping targets myself.

The consistent feedback i get from clients is nobody looks at the level of depth, detail, and data i do to see what is actually going on. I dont make stuff up, if i dont have access to information that substantiates what i believe based on all the information, then we keep looking. Of course my experiences over many clients give me information too - but i refrain from very simplistic assessments.

Support Materials

Clients also get access to special pathway maps and research that i don't publish on this site. There is also an option to purchase on line portal access to one of my more trusted software analysis tools that enables look up for all your genetic data live, with research notated for specific mutations.

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