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What To Expect When You Become a Client

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Clients often ask things like, "how long until i am feel better?", " how many sessions do i need ?", etc. Of course these are impossible questions to answer until the root cause of the issue is clarified. My firm answer is that if you don't feel you are getting answers AND improvement in 3-4 sessions, you should fire me. Sometimes the discovery phase is longer for more complicated cases, but usually there is a starting point that allows initial stabilization and improvement. Sometimes, its more of , "stop taking these 4 things and see what you notice", more is not always better! Likewise, some people believe that a bigger bait always catches bigger fish, but that is not the case. Sometimes slow, and more gently allows the system to respond in a more supportive (and less reactive way). Many supplements are also bi-phasic ; meaning they do one thing at low dose, and another at higher doses.


I have access to a very specific line of supplements that are designed to support specific genetic mutations and bio chemical pathways. These are available for clients to purchase, but not available to the general public. I also have access to a compounding company that custom blends a supplement (capsule or powder form) from amino acids, vitamins, minerals, hundreds of botanicals, hundreds of neutraceuticals, macros, probiotics, and flavorings. Often clients want to talk about this right away, as they are sick and tired of managing 20 different supplements.

On the flip side, if clients want to do their own thing on supplement selection that is an option i support as well. I often use Amazon, PureFormulas, DigestiveWarrior, PureBulk, BulkSupplements as my go to shopping targets myself.

The consistent feedback i get from clients is nobody looks at the level of depth, detail, and data i do to see what is actually going on. I dont make stuff up, if i dont have access to information that substantiates what i believe based on all the information, then we keep looking. Of course my experiences over many clients give me information too - but i refrain from very simplistic assessments.

Support Materials

Clients also get access to special pathway maps and research that i don't publish on this site. There is also an option to purchase on line portal access to one of my more trusted software analysis tools that enables look up for all your genetic data live, with research notated for specific mutations.

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