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Vibrant Sale - Significant Savings Opportunity

Vibrant has sale going on i wanted to make sure folks had the opportunity to take advantage of, and will try and detail it below. I have added a 15 minute appointment service you can use , for $75, to order these for both existing and new clients that know what they want, and don't need guidance and what tests to order. I just ask that you be prepared with your credit card, address, personal info, to keep the time to 15 minutes. If you need guidance on what tests to order, want to discuss which ones are most appropriate, please book a 30 minute appointment.

First, Vibrant, almost always has a bundle on sale that i wanted to list before going into the time sensitive sale that ends March 31st (order date).

Vibrant's Toxin Panel Bundle (all 3 for $500):

  • Heavy Metals ($150)

  • Environmental / Chemical Toxins ($299) (similar to Great Plains / Mosaic ToxPanel)

  • Mycotoxins ($379) (levels of 31 specific mycotoxins, not groups of mycotoxins like RealTime does)

  • These 3 have always been offered as a bundle, and they recently went up to $500.

  • Add on an Organic Acids Test ($259) and the 4 tests total $630, all urine. Its a bargain. All urine.

Urine, Stool, Saliva, and Dry Blood Spot Tests (DBS) are part of the 3 for $700 or 5 for $1,000 sale going on through March 31st. These tests can be ordered and shipped internationally as well, with some additional shipping and tarriff's, which generally are around $75 USD. Individual prices listed outside of the sale price/bundle.

  • Gut Zoomer 3.0 ($500)

  • Advanced Neurotransmitters and Hormones ($400)

  • Neuro Zoomer Plus (DBS) $400

  • 4 Separate Toxin Panels

    • Mycotoxins

    • Environmental

    • Metals

    • PFAS ($259)

  • Organic Acids

  • Panels 1 and 2, meats, seafoods, food additives for IGg, IGA Food Sensitivity Testing ($400)

  • Infection Panel $190(DBS)

  • DBS Micronutrient Panel $299 (more limited than blood draw, and only serum, not intracellular)

    • Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B9 , B12, E, K1, K2, D3, C

    • Minerals: Magnesium, Calcium, Chromium, Iron, Copper, Zinc

    • Metabolites for : Inositol, B12 / MMA, Carnitine, Choline

    • Amino Acids: Valine, Leucine, Iso Leucin, Glutamine, Serine, Asparagine, Citrulline, Arginine, Cysteine

    • Glutathione, CoQ10, Selenium

    • Fatty Acids

      • Omega 3: EPA, DPA, DHA

      • Omega 6: LA, AA

  • Cardiax genetics panel - $375 (very good, in addition to normal genetic test kits)

  • Toxin genetics panel - $375 (very good, in addition to normal genetic test kits)

  • Others are available too in the bundle, but they are all available for less than $200 so i didnt list them. Such as food zoomers, etc.

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