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Urolithin A - An expensive and impactful supplement - dietary alternatives line up with Mediterranean Diet

This article is not intended to be medical or healthcare advice. Before starting any health related regimen, please seek the advice of your Primary Care Physician or an M.D.

Urolithin A has received lots of positive press, and feedback from folks who suffer from Long Haul related illnesses. And it is super expensive. When dividing where to spend limited financial resources, it can get left out. Its fantastic at helping control oxidative stress in the mitochondrial electron transport chain - which in some illnesses can begin to function backwards - producing limited energy and significant amounts of oxidative stress.

There are several good research articles that point to different gut bacteria that can help the body to produce Urolithins (A, B). Natural polyphenols ellagitannins (ETs) and ellagic acid (EA) found in foods like berries [1,2] and nuts like walnuts, cranberries, pomagranate (which raises TNFA too). It begs questions how multi factorial the benefits of the mediterranean diet may be. Olive oil is extremely high in polyphenols. Ellagic Acid is also one of the known compounds to support the liver phase 2 pathway, glucuronidation, which supports the detoxification of compounds like BPA, Estrogens, various chemicals, and mycotoxins like Ochratoxin A from mold.

There are two sides of every coin. Too many polyphenols combined with sugars, can inhibit Arg1. Arg1 is needed to clear ammonia from the digestion of animal protein and various detoxification processes. Hmm. If you do a simple search on 'Arg1 and Colon Cancer' you wont be able to read all of the published research its so prevalent. And we know 'polyphenols and colon cancer' will have similar number of research articles. Coincidence ? Search 'oxidative stress and colon cancer' , same thing. Then search 'polyphenols and oxidative stress reduction'.....back at it again. Perhaps moderation , like many things, such as eating with the natural rythm's/seasons of our environment is helpful.


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