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Testimonial - Gut Related Issues

This testimonial comes from a client who had genetic driven nutritional deficiencies (SLC5A6, FUT2, BTD, etc, to name of few), and was unable to come to resolution with these issues through others efforts. The below is her summary of experience. Her children experienced many of the same issues, and now have been receiving much of the same relief given the genetic basis.

I sought Michael's help when I had been to multiple doctors, run multiple tests, taken multiple supplements and nothing helped. In fact, I got even worse. The medical field had failed me, even the holistic doctors weren't able to help.

When Michael described what he did, it made sense to me so we moved forward with his plan.

A little over a year later, almost all of my 18 symptoms are either gone or greatly improved.

He has always worked to find me the most cost effective, yet most overall effective options for testing as well as supplements and vitamins.

He has been more than fair when charging for his actual services. I am now working with him to help resolve my children's health issues. I would highly recommend his services!

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