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Holiday Reading Top 10 List

This article is not intended to be healthcare or medical advice. Before starting on any health related regimen, seek the advice of your Primary Care Physician or an M.D.

Sometimes I get asked about resources or books that I have found helpful along the way. I do have some favorite published articles, and there are scores of these. Mores often I get asked about good books and such I have come across along the way. I have listed a smattering of those below:

  1. Toxic, By Neal Nathan

  2. Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis, Dr. Sarah Myhill

  3. The Concussion Repair Manual, Dr. Dan Engle

  4. Feel Good Series (About Your SNPS, Nutrigenomics, Nucleotides, etc) By Amy Yasko - mostly focused on methylation issues and her autistic client base.

  5. Wired For Healing, Annie Hopper

  6. The Devil In The Garlic, Dr. Greg Nigh

  7. Explaining Un Explained Illnesses, Martin L. Pall, PhD

  8. Porphyria, The Ultimate Cause of Common, Chronic & Environmental Illnesses, Steven Rochlitz, PhD

  9. Orthomolecular Medicine For Everyone, By Abram Hoffer PhD, Andrew Saul PhD

  10. Thiamine Deficiency Disease, Dysautonomia, and High Calorie Malnutrition, By Lonsdale and Marrs.

I encourage you to explore these resources, and take from them what applies to you. Inevitably, the mind is a filter, and attempts to connect patterns based on data, but one never has a set of 'complete' data. With this in mind, almost every practitioner/researcher will attempt to apply the pattern their mind 'sees' to folks who it may not apply to in full, or who may have very specific 'hidden' things that contra-indicate their proposed solution(s). You can see this in almost everyone on the above list. With this said, there is useful information in each of the above resources.

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