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Detox : Phase 2 Liver Pathways

There are 6 or 7 phase two liver conjugation pathways depending on what you are reading. They are as follows:

  1. Amino Acid

  2. Glutathione

  3. Sulfation

  4. Glucuronidation

  5. Methylation

  6. Acetylation

  7. PON 1

Each of these phase 2 detoxification pathways, has multiple genes that enable their function, some have a few, some have a few dozen, that have been studied. Each of these pathways also has a set of supplements that help up-regulate them, should genetic mutations be present.

Perhaps more importantly, for every toxin that goes through the phase 2 conjugation process, they use a specific set of these phase 2 pathways, some use one pathway, some more than one pathway. As one example, VOC's use primarily the Amino Acid pathway, while certain molds like Ochratoxin A, use the Glucuronidation pathway. PON 1 is a gene that has been largely studied for its detoxification role around herbicides, pesticides, and specifically Glyphosate. If somebody is compromised here genetically, and they dont eat an organic diet, i often see these clients loaded with glyphosate toxicity.

Generally i look to open each of these pathways one at a time for a client, not all at once, and generally support those pathways that are compromised genetically, and the ones to be used by the toxins known to be in the body through known exposures or testing.

Much more to come for each phase 2 pathway - which toxins, which genes, which supports:)

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