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How To Lower Histamine, Help Muscle Fatigue, Post Exercise Recovery (PEM); Prevent Neuronal Death

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Based on a simple yet powerful concept in the paper referenced below here [1], i have found that supplementing between meals with an essential amino acid mix, minus Histadine, dramatically helps me manage histamine issues. The simple formulae i have found helpful is a mix of : Leucine (3g), Iso-Leucine (1.5g), Valine (1.5g), Lysine (1.0-1.25 g), Phenylalinine (1g), Threonine (1g), Methionine (0.5g), Tryptophan (0.5g).

The thesis is essentially that when the body is given all the Essential Amino Acids (9) except for 1 or 2, it will begin to scavenge the missing 1-2 amino acids from existing stores. I have found this effective for lowering any one of the 9 particular amino acids. The study referenced here, was focused on lowering neurotransmitter levels by reducing the pre-cursors: Phenylalinine, Tryptophan and Tyrosine - the results speak to its effectiveness and speed.

It turns out there are a few patented Amino Acid blends that essentially mimick what i have described above - and they are expensive!. MAP (Master Amino Acid Pattern is one of the marketed products). It is marketed as an energy booster, recovery booster, and endurance booster. It is true that the reduction in histadine will alleviate the build of lactic acid in the muscles - so there is truth and science in these claims. MAP and Beta Alinine will therefore lower lactic acid!

Additionally, Beta-Alinine, a naturally ocurring beta amino acid will bind to and combine with histadine in the body and form carnosine. What is the big deal with this ? Carnosine has many benefits - it acts as an anti-oxidant, reduces AGE's (Advanced Glycation End Products), and plays a role in muscle endurance and high-intensity exercise [2], buffers muscle pH decline - lactic acid buildup, and protects biolgic tissues from oxidation by interacting with aldehydic lipid oxidation products [3]. What!? It helps with aldehydes !? Where do they come from in the world of chronic illness - Candida - thats where. Sounds like Carnosine, or Beta Alinine have roles to play here folks:). It even helps protect against neuronal death in Parkinson [5]. What!? So Beta Alinine does all this AND scavenges excess histadine. Damn.

And here is an article, i found long ago, then lost track of, but found again recently when somebody posted it - Carnosine acts as an anti oxidant against lipid peroxidation - and specifically further prevents the formation of 12-HETE and 12-PETE which create significant oxidative stress inside the mitochondria. [6] Oh that's interesting. Throw in mutations on SOD2, and GPX4 and we have a trifecta - oh - but lets not forget ALOX12 too - which will create 12-HETE and 12-PETE if not regulated. Um, isn't ALOX12 connected to the NMDA receptors, oh crap. Now you know why i love Super Carnosine from Life Extension, as well as Beta Alinine for oxidative stress. What else produces lipid peroxidation through excess hydrogen peroxide - NOX4. Caution with Carnosine - if you have issues with Copper - it intereferes with its transport; so if you know or suspect you are low in copper, best to steer clear of carnosine.

Whether its a blend of Amino's minus Histadine, or pure Beta Alinine, - all these compounds have benefits - and even lower histamine if you suffer from histamine issues. Carnosine, and patented products like MAP are expensive, so check out these in bulk at, nutricost powder, NOW powders, or


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