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As a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Genomics Coach, I provide comprehensive services across Genetic Testing, Functional Lab Testing, and Nutritional Coaching.  Whether you are somebody looking to optimize their well being with small tweaks, or somebody who is stuck in a chronic and un-explained illness that has not resolved, I believe Genetic Testing can be informative to diet, supplement, and lifestyle changes to move you towards your potential.  Members of my family struggled for years with chronic unidentified illnesses, unhealed traumatic brain injuries, and cancer.  After becoming frustrated that they were not getting the help they needed, I decided to become educated in genetics, functional labs, toxins, cancer, and nutrition,  It was through my own devotion to my family and supporting their health that I entered the world of recovery from chronic illness and TBI's, as well as alternative approaches to wellness.

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Food For Your Jeans

We created Food For Your Jeans with the intention to help people uncover what may be standing in their way of living in their full vitality.  We work like detectives using tools like genetic analysis, functional labs, symptom intake surveys, and history to understand your situation.  We offer a unique line of supplements to support specific genetic variations as well as the ability to customer blend supplements and powders from over 400 ingredients.  

I am often asked what is a typical client, and how i work with them.  Here is one example typical example of how i get started:

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Jessie Brown


1140 US Highway 287, Suite 100
Broomfield, CO 80020


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